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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  November 17, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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ot cocoa. and you'll always find your favorite. woman #2: with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. captions by: caption colorado good evening. a series of robberies, high- speed chase and gun battle with police. one suspect was arrested, another still on the loose. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is in san jose with the latest. >> reporter: the city is reeling from this crime,
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actually spanning several crime scenes. one of them behind me broken glass from the shootout with police in this intersection. the police officer who was shot is okay. but a gunman is still on the loose. >> our primary focus is getting the second guy in custody. >> reporter: after a chase by car and on foot this is how it ended for one of two men accused of shooting a police officer in san jose last night hiding in a neighborhood that spent two hours on lockdown. >> you know, it was crazy and it was scary. it was scary. >> reporter: police say the men went on an armed robbery spree yesterday hitting up businesses and people at gunpoint in all four of these locations. police are also looking into the possibility that the two were involved in a murder. >> very violent suspects. they were both armed with firearms. and we had a pretty good idea of what the vehicle looked like. >> reporter: police spotted it on highway 101 at around 9 p.m. after a chase they stopped here at tully and lanai. one of the suspects got out and started shooting at the police
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car. >> the officer was forced to duck down for cover, several rounds hit the car. there were rounds in the officer's seat, front windshield and side window. one of the rounds struck the officer's oc canister and exploded so now the car is contaminated with pepper spray. >> reporter: the officer had only minor injuries. another officer in another car started shooting at the suspects. >> basically a good old- fashioned gun battle. >> reporter: one of the men got out of the car and got away lost in the busy area of cars and businesses. >> to be out here walking at 10:00 and next thing you know somebody is getting shot and they still take off. >> reporter: the other man led police on another chase in the car before crashing into the fence getting out and running several blocks into this home on daytona and bahama. a family was inside. they ran out and flagged down police. a standoff ensued. this family lived two doors down. >> watching every one with guns, i was scared and crying under my bed.
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>> reporter: after two hours, police talked this man out bloody from the shootout with police. he was hit twice. the other man is still on the loose. now, police say the man that they have in custody is talking but they are not telling us what he is saying and they are also not yet releasing his name. in san jose, anne makovec, cbs 5. we're slowly working our way through a wet weekend. roberta has a look at the radar. >> it's our live high-def doppler radar and all the precipitation is north of the golden gate bridge. we are going to zoom in so you get a good feel for this very fast-moving cold front. when you take a look at the different colors we have anywhere from the greens which is a light rainfall darker green and more moderate, the yellows pretty intense cell that could be passing through the area. you see the rainfall right now from santa rosa stretching all the way into kentfield. a closer view shows that we have filled in with the rain from petaluma through novato along highway 101, 121 also wet as is highway 37. and then you now see the
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leading edge of the precipitation heading due east towards el sobrante where we have plenty of rainfall on the slippery bridge on the san rafael richmond spread. so rain is north of the golden gate bridge now but in the san jose area we have mostly cloudy skies and we'll pinpoint what time you can expect that rain in san jose. that's still coming up later on but if you want to track the rain in your neighborhood anytime of day, you can find it on thank you. well, people in one daly city neighborhood are keeping an uneasy eye on the weather. the area was damaged by a massive water leak this week. tuesday's pipe break gouged out a hillside and left the neighborhood covered in mud. crews have uncovered a storm drain which disappeared under the mud hoping this weekend's rain will run off into the
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drain and out of the area. cat williams is facing a lawsuit for allegedly beating a fan in oakland this week. the comedian didn't impress the crowd at oracle arena last night. >> i know [ bleep ] don't like me that's what makes me real i ain't trying to be something this is all i'm is yo [ bleep ] >> he delivered ramble monologues without jokes. >> [ bleep ] >> he had to be dragged off stage by his own security. >> [ bleep ] >> after he challenged the heckler to a fight. >> [ bleep ] >> fans demanded refunds up to $100 saying the show ended after 10 minutes. >> [ bleep ] >> on wednesday williams was arrested after an 18-year-old fan said the comedy start hit him in the head with a bottle near oakland's courtyard marriott hotel. now that california voters have rejected a plan to end the death penalty there's a push in the opposite direction. a growing number of prosecutors and law enforcement officials
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is lobbying the state to resume executions. they point to the defeat the proposition that would have scrapped the death penalty. the state currently has 725 death row inmates, 14 of them have exhausted their appeals process. you could see the smoke across the bay area when the refinery fire erupted. how chevron is asking neighbors to think about the possibility of a next time. >> and a hands-on lesson in the fascinating and delicious world of mollusks. how these are laying the groundwork for a new generation of san francisco bay oysters. ,,,,
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don't wait. open enrollment ends december 7th. aarp medicarerx saver plus. call now or visit your local walgreens for more information. remember fallen officer, jim capoot, one year after his death. they gathered at friends family colleagues and the community gathered to remember fallen officer jim capoot one year after his death. they gathered at vallejo's city hall steps for a ceremony. the 19-year veteran of the vallejo police department was killed after a high-speed chase of a bank robbery suspect. for those living in the immediate area, it was more
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than a drill when smoke started pouring from chevron's richmond refinery and today those neighbors proposed a question: are you ready if a disaster strikes? more than 20 local organizations including chevron participated in a disaster preparedness clinic in richmond. chevron hosted it in light of august's refinery fire that sent smoke across parts of bay area. it was a chance to teach public what to do in case of an emergency. >> it doesn't mean they have everything they need. but even more so, we're giving them information. >> in all, 1,000 free disaster kits were given out to families who showed up. and 1,000 families received all the fixings for their thanksgiving feast in oakland today. families with income of less than 200% of the federal poverty rate were eligible to sign up for the program. this is the fifth year for the giveaway made possible by the financial support of the goodwin family foundation. city council member brooks helped organize the effort. >> it's about a community that
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understands that we have to give back to a community if we're going to continue to grow and be whole. >> each bag is filled with butter, eggs, yams, bread, dry goods, vegetables and a turkey. oakland's unemployment rate is reported to be 17% and that's higher than the state average. from the cbs 5 weather center we have our eyes in the sky looking at the mostly cloudy skies over san francisco right now. more rain for the evening forecast. we'll pinpoint when you can expect it as eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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killed not in the line of d, but by officers in californ. porter don knapp is friends and family said good-bye to a san jose marine by officers in california. don knapp is in fremont where the marine's body was laid to rest. >> reporter: ann, it's just a terribly tragic situation. here we have a young man from fremont volunteers for the marines becomes a marine goes to afghanistan. and then comes home safely. he celebrating with a friend in southern california, has a run- in with cops, and now he's dead. so the family is very concerned about this. they would like to have some kind of answers to their questions. they are now demanding an investigation by the united states marine corps. they said that they have contacted washington, d.c. but it's never clear that that sort of thing is going to help. at this point, we have a very
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grief-stricken family looking for answers. the 22-year-old marine was killed by palm springs police in the early-morning hours of saturday, november 10. corp allen def lena was stationed at camp pendleton in southern california after returning from afghanistan. his family says he was planning to go to college. >> my son was a great kid well loved with charisma. his uppers in the marines, they loved him. everybody. he's worked different platoons in the battalion and he is well love. >> reporter: palm springs say he and a fellow marine why confronted by two officers inside a palm springs parking garage after they heard yelling. police said they talked with the marines earlier about public intoxication. as the officers approached they say the marines shouted obscenities and tried to drive off. with one officer hanging through the window the car struck the other officer before crashing near the garage exit.
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both officers fired their guns killing devalinna. >> two palm springs police officers opened fire on two unarmed marines killing my son. they didn't have to use deadly force. this wasn't a situation to where it had to come to a wrongful death. >> reporter: there is no evidence at this time that the driver shot at the officers. the actual chain of events that led up to the officers using their weapons is under investigation at this time. >> reporter: he says his son answered the call to serve hi country. this is a young man to signed up to serve his country to went to afghanistan, came back untouched, was safe in afghanistan, came back to get killed by two macho cops. >> reporter: now the family wants more than a palm springs police investigation. family says the services for the young marine will be held here at the mortuary in fremont on warm springs boulevard at 11 a.m. on wednesday. they say there will be full
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military honors. they are saying the public is invited. volunteers helped out to restore a native oster habitat in san francisco bay -- oyster habitat in san francisco bay. the specks are baby oysters. the bricks have been in the basins august. the students are counting and measuring them. >> these are from 7 different areas throughout the bay area. we are trying to see what sites are better recruitment sites for oysters and then we can focus our restoration efforts in those sites hopefully. >> the students are part of richmond high school's aqua team and they take part in environmental restoration efforts of the area's waterways. >> a busy travel week ahead. roberta has the forecast. a second system moving in
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rapidly. good evening. let's get right to it. it's live. it's our high-def doppler radar. green on the screen means you need an umbrella. this is the north bay where we have santa rosa drying out after some of the heaviest precipitation in the past 90 minutes. napa you have moderate to heavy rain. the different shades of green does illustrate intensity of the rain. this is a very light rain right around mill valley now. around san quentin you have more moderate rain according to that darker shade of green there. and now we have leading edges of precipitation as far as this cold front is concerned entering the eastern portion of our bay area. it was just raining in berkeley but again this is live data and so we see that we have a little bit of a lull there now. in the south bay san jose you are mostly cloudy. no rain expected there. but we'll time it out coming up. right now it's 59 degrees in the santa clara valley. 61 oakland. now, tonight's lows into the 40s and 50s a little bit cooler tonight due to the passage of the cold front and that cooler air mass slipping in. this is what you need to know.
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more rain tonight. tomorrow, morning showers. a dry afternoon with just a slight chance of a lingering shower and then very little sun in the forecast. the extended outlook, here's an area of low pressure, it's beautiful. that tail is sweeping up against the northwestern section of the state of california, bam, right there, that's what we're enduring right now at this time. our futurecast illustrates there is your cold front. heaviest rain redwood city about 10:00 tonight. slipping into san jose before midnight then out of here. here's your lull before more scattered showers upstream by tomorrow morning. as far as rainfall amounts are concerned, anticipate at least nearly .4" of rain in the san francisco area over the next 24 hours. your raider forecast just a slight chance of rain during the game tomorrow. otherwise, we'll pinpoint your forecast. we're look at numbers in the sierra, 45 tomorrow with a winter weather advisory in effect. so again, there are your temperatures. pretty much in the 60s across the board for tomorrow in the
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east bay and into santa clara valley, as well. that's your pinpoint forecast. all right. straight ahead, just for you, and you and you and you over there and maybe you over there, we have college football surprises. we have one that locally the red-hot san jose state spartans. looking for a nine-win season, folks! they step into the national spotlight tonight. ,, ,, ♪
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up top... ...and why not? in about 40 minutes... ...san e state has a chance to matche 2006 team which got 9 wins.. college football up top. in about 40 minutes san jose state has a chance to match the 2006 team which got nine wins. they are 8-2 tonight heading into a nationally televised game with byu at spartan stadium. here's a look at quarterback david fales in his last tune-up practice before tonight. yeah, spartans have flown under the radar in this cluster of bay area college football but they have won four straight and stored more points than anyone during that stretch. i asked coach mike macintyre, what he has been selling that the kids have bought into. it's a dream. they have taken something that wasn't very good and built it in front of everybody's eyes. that teams them a great life lesson. they keep persevering and working hard. they are in the middle of a great dream. a great coach, staff, players, administration. the players are playing well and hard.
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they are enjoying it. they are excited about the big crowd going to be here saturday night on national television and they have earned the right to play. now we have to take care of business saturday night. much of the spartans success has to be attributed to that man, quarterback david fales. byu is the nation's fourth ranked defense. it's a test for fales who macintyre compared to a young eli manning. macintyre recruited manning at mississippi. >> reminds me a lot of eli manning. we signed him when i was recruiting coordinator at ole mills. i saw him go from a puppy to a mature senior at old miss. keeps his head down the field while he is moving in the pocket. you see eli do that all the time. he has charisma. >> he compared you to a young eli manning. >> wow. i don't know about that. but that's nice.
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we'll have stanford-oregon on the late show, cal-oregon state, too. the heat is on jeff tedford because cal is 3-8. here's a surprise for you. battle of the southern california schools. ucla jumped all over usc. jonathan franklin scored a couple of touchdowns and how's matt barkley doing? oh!! anthony barnes with the whoo hilt! right in the small of the back. ucla wins it and the southern division for the pac-12. 38-28. all right. notre dame keeping their name alive in the running for the national title. that's granada high school graduate george atkinson iii. the irish unbeaten now 11-0 taking care of wake forest 38- 0. this is wisconsin's monta ball. tied the college football touchdown record, number 78 for his career.
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the buckeyes won 21-14 to remain unbeaten at 11-0. previously con cussed alex smith was back on the practice field this week for the 49ers. the black jersey means hands off! officially he is questionable but smith is likely to start monday night against da bears. that's the big hit in the rams game that forced smith to get the concussion. yeah. smith recounts what happened to him in the 2nd quarter of last sunday's game when that bell got rung. >> a lot of hits over the year. when your vision is not what it should be, it was difficult. and then ultimately didn't get better. it was one of these things that i could blink off, my focus wasn't returning. i sat down and it seemed to get worse. >> we are hoping that alex is ready to go because we need him. we need him. even though kaepernick could get it done, we would like alex back in the line-up. guess where you can see that game? right here on cbs 5!
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yeah. monday night football cbs 5 style coverage begins at 5:00. kickoff is at 5:30. of course, we'll have a nice little post-game show following that. >> thank you. well, developing news out of southern california. two police helicopters have collided and there are injuries. last word is all of the injured are police department employees. we'll follow this story and bring you the latest on eyewitness news at 10:00 and 11:00. all right. roberta is following that storm for us. and it's headed this way. >> it's a cold front slicing through the bay area right now. so we'll see the heaviest rainfall at this hour all the way until midnight in the san jose area. and it looks like at this particular time we should see up to about .4" of rain on top of the 2" of rain that already fell in the bay area. seven-day forecast, rain tapers off after midnight to scattered showers and during tomorrow morning. and then dry skies each and every day through
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thanksgiving. >> that's good news for everybody. >> yeah. >> thank you. that's it for this edition of eyewitness news. see you at 10:00 and 11:00. captions by: caption colorado , ,, [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway will have everyone raving. there's fresh, natural, frozen, whatever you're craving. spend 25 dollars and a frozen safeway turkey is 59 cents a pound. or spend 25 dollars and get a fresh safeway select turkey for 99 cents a pound.
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ever been to a worm farm? we'll go to one in sonoma. they are wiggling everywhere. >> and we'll take you to a very uncommon farm where you can only find animals normally seen in south america. we're your "got to get away for the day" guide; your "let's try a new place to eat" guide; even your, "hey, it really happened here" guide. we're the tour guide with you in mind, "eye on the bay." your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. welcome to "eye on the bay." i'm thuy vu. tonight we are going to take you all over the bay area on a tour of some fascinating farms. we'll show you where to wine and dine on the farmscape in the hills of napa.


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